I'm an online marketer living, working, and occasionally sleeping in Northern California. My specific areas of interest include interactive marketing processes within lead-based, eCommerce, and affiliate driven business models.

Strategies employed include search marketing, email marketing, and social media optimization – with an emphasis on organic search engine optimization. Consequently, this website is dedicated to the fundamental understanding and implementation of integrated White Hat SEO strategy.

Although the major search engines periodically disclose information relating to their operative structures through patent publications, various webmaster guides, and application developments - much of the collective wisdom from the search community relating to their algorithmic behavior and processes is highly theoretical in its delivery.

This website will be no exception. It is simply an outlet for my thoughts and observations relating to search strategy. There will be no white papers or concrete evidence found here. Anything stated is simply to be interpreted as theory from an 'algorithm chaser.'

In May 2006 Google explicitly said that it uses 200 ‘signals’ to determine the individual query space rankings associated to an individual webpage. They have only made public a small handful of these signals. They’ve disclosed even less information pertaining to the weighting metrics associated with these confirmed signals.

Even so, based on what we do know, SEO professionals can make both direct and indirect conclusions about how these signals function, interrelate to each other, and aggregate themselves. And hopefully, we can also have a little fun in contributing to the rampant speculation that the SEO community is so famous for.

"As a rule, men worry more about what they can't see than about what they can."
- Julius Caesar